Band of the week /// MY PASSION

MY PASSION (England)

Formation date: 2005 (split up in 2012)
Genre: рок
Corporate Flesh Party (2009)
Inside This Machine (2011)

My Passion belong to the category of bands who can’t be easily referred to some particular genre of music. And it’s not really necessary as it won’t be quite  right to limit these musicians by some tags. My Passion know how to charm their audience. Powerful rock-anthems, dance motives, electronic dressing, melodic ballads performed by the deep and sensual voice of Laurence René, which can be soft and tender and the next moment suddenly burst out into screaming.  Their music is full of surprises – it leads the listeners along unknown paths and labyrinths. And you never know where this journey will take you and when My Passion will become your passion.

Killer songs:

«After Calais» («Corporate Flesh Party», 2009) –  a soulful, sensual, mysterious ballad, the soundtrack of the night.  Enchanting, calling voice and soft musical turns show the milder side of  My Passion which is truly magical.

«Crazy & Me» («Corporate Flesh Party», 2009) – an outburst of emotions and a storm of power. Thick musical filling shines with the multiple voices of the riffs and the high tempo with unexpected turns show the energy of the band at its best.

«The Mess We Made of Our Lives» («Inside This Machine», 2011) – a grown-up side of  My Passion, but it doesn’t mean less powerful. Instant pauses, outbursts and calm lines turn the song into a cocktail of  new discoveries. It combines experience, restrained energy and mighty power and it’s not the song to be missed.

«Dance of Life»  («Inside This Machine», 2011) – mystical motives with hidden knowledge, twisted turns and the demanding tone. This song is full of liveliness and life dance which it pulls you into from the very first seconds.


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