Video. Kids In Glass Houses “Animals”

The Welsh-based band Kids In Glass Houses carry on the star chain of talents from this part of Britain alongside with  Lostprophets, Stereophonics, The Blackout and others. Now the musicians are preparing to release their third album «In Gold Blood», which is out on August 15 (Roadrunner Records). Recently Kids In Glass Houses have released the video for the single «Animals».

Let your darker side be revealed in the night. Hide your faces behind sparkling neon colours and let your emotions out.  Then you’ll experience true freedom. The doors of a big bunker are the gates to an absolutely different world. Just make a move and you’ll get in. «Animals» is a midnight quest from Kids In Glass Houses, where they go along dark corridors with the paint on people’s faces and walls being the only source of light and finally put on neon make up to their faces as well. The futurism of the video makes «Animals» a non-standard and bright video which is according to  Kids In Glass Houses frontman Aled Phillips is one of the basis of understanding «In Gold Blood» which is going to be a conceptual release.

Watch «Animals» at the official channel of  Kids In Glass Houses 


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