Welsh 5

The scene of Wales has made a great contribution to the development of music in Great Britain and has  given the world a lot of interesting muisicians. Today we’re going to get acquainted with five outstanding representatives of Welsh scene and their music.

Lostprophets «Where We Belong» (from the album «The Betrayed» 2010). It’s a stadium anthem with a powerful chorus and a spicy taste of freedom.  It’s made to unite people, make you «scream your heart out» and blow away all the boundaries and stereotypes with its energy.

«Where We Belong» was featured on the fourth studio album by Lostprophets «The Betrayed», which has become their  darkest and most agressive record. The record took place at quite difficult times for the band when they had to make uneasy decisions, which couldn’t but influence the mood of the record. Nevertheless, the album clearly shows Lostprophets’ firm character and their  unique music style.

Bullet For My Valentine «Your Betrayal» (from the album «Fever» 2010). Powerful killer track which opens up with insane drumming which is gradually being joined by guitars. Emotions burst it out and this is depicted in the vocals shifting from whisper to screaming.  «Your Betrayal» opens the album and sets its mood with a great numeber of speedy riffs and dark emotions.

Bullet For My Valentine carry on with the traditions of the best British metal bands delivering quality and understandable music.  Their unrestrained energy makes every BFMV album an explosion with a big radius of influence.


 Kids In Glass Houses  «Matters At All» ( from the album «Dirt» 2010). Starting off rather peacefully and calmly, «Matters At All» deliberately confuses the listener to amaze him with a powerful chorus and then get back into the calmer mode again.  «Matters At All», as well as the whole album  «Dirt»,  are full of traditions of Welsh rock scene. Stadium choruses, which are made up to be sung by a big crowd, a mixture of different music elements and the sound which is hard to fit onto one genre only.

The Blackout «Higher & Higher» (from the album «Hope» 2011). The track which can both – relax and cheer you up at one and the same moment. Nonchalant lines of verses change into mighty refrains and even mightier choruses.  «Higher & Higher» is going up and up as if trying to justify the title. The recitative break in the middle spices up the song with the elements of nu metal.

«Hope» has become the third album for  The Blackout, which has presented them as the musicans who have found their true character. And now they’re bound to move only higher & higher.

 Attack! Attack!  «Not Afraid» (from the album  »The Latest Fashion» 2010). Confident, poweful, determined – this song is more of a firm statement not to give up and overcome everything!  It follows a usual path: a calmer verse turning into a big chorus. But despite it Attack! Attack! have a lot of their own spirit to make this well-known path interesting.


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