Zombies, Skindred and «Cut Dem».

The Welsh band Skindred combines rock, metal and raggea in their music making it completely unique. The same original approach differs them while working at videos. The video for «Cut Dem» which was officially presented at the website of Kerrang! shows it clearly.

The topic of horror films and zombies is not new, but Skindred managed to make it special. As if filmed with the old camera and film, it presents  Skindred as a gang of doctors performing experiments with corpses and then turning into zombies when the experiment went wrong and they couldn’t deal with dark spirits. The special atmosphere is achieved with the help of grey-black colour scheme, which turns into a red-grey-black at the moment of a climatical turn of the band into zombies and with a touch of old times and subtitles appearing from time to time.  Skindred frontman Benji Webbe told  Kerrang! that he’s always been interested in Victorian London and that’s why he decided to achieve this atmospehere in the video.  It turned out really awesome! You can watch the video at the website of Kerrang!


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