Top 5 songs to give you a shoulder when you feel low

It’s universal truth that music can cure. And sometimes songs of your favourite musicians can provide you a strong friend’s shoulder when you are down.

Lostprophets – «Last Train Home» (from the album «Start Something» 2004) From the very first line the musicians turn «to every broken heart in here…». Convincing melodies, words and aura of this song really aim at curing soul wounds and give hope. «There’s still tomorrow – forget the sorrow» – smile, because dark times don’t last and soon they must be replaced by good ones. It’s no wonder that this very song is one of special favourites among the fans of Lostprophets and is always met with great enthusiasm and a roar of applause at their live gigs. When you sing from your heart, you start feeling better…

Placebo – «Sleeping With Ghosts» (from the album «Sleeping With Ghosts» 2003) Soulmate-song which comforts tenderly and calmly. Let it become your soulmate and it won’t let you down. Slow melodies embrace with the atmosphere of calmness and the quiet «Hush, it’s okay, dry your eyes» gives strong moral support. Everything will really be okay.

The Blackout – «You’re Not Alone» (from the album «Hope» 2011) It’s very simple: you’re not alone. And there’s always someone to turn to for support or who has the same problems. Besides you have music to rely on. The Blackout will persuade you about it and they can be trusted. You’re not alone at least due to the fact that you have this song. «Know you’re not alone!»

Hurts – «Silver Lining» (from the album «Happiness» 2011) Peaceful keyboard sound and supportive lyrics of this song cover all troubles as if with silvery blanket. And no matter what’s going on, you must climb out of a gutter and fight. Don’t be sad because greyness and darkness will give up to the light of your smiles and eyes. And Hurts will help you to smile.

Travis – «Sing» (from the album «The Invisible Band» 2001) Sing! If you feel badly – sing! Choose a song to cheer you up, send away sadness and boredom and sing along with your favourite musicians.  Definitely, Travis know what they’re talking about!


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