Top 5 songs to make you smile

Too sleepy in the morning? Frowning again? Rock Britain recommends you to listen to these following songs if your mood is low and you don’t want to do anything in the world! Great mood is 1000 per cent guaranteed! :-)

1. McFly «Smile» (from the album «Radio:ACTIVE» 2008). The name of the song speaks for itself. McFly give the most precious tip ever which is the source of happiness: smile to the world around. Not only you but the world also will feel better as it’s pretty much fed up with dull faces!«Just remember to smile-smile-smile to the world around»

2. Hurts «Wonderful Life» (from the album «Happiness» 2010). Okay, Hurts aren’t exactly a rock band but still we love them a lot! In summer 2011 they conquered one of the biggest rock festivals  Rock Am Ring and charmed even the most convinced metal heads. It’s all due to the fact that life is really wonderful! «Never give up – it’s such a wonderful life»

3. Stereophonics «Live ‘N’ Love» ( from the album «Keep Calm & Carry On» 2009). Stereophonics go on with the philosophy which calls you to live here and now and enjoy every moment of your life. Don’t wait for tomorrow to come but create it today yourself. «Live and love today».

4. Muse «Feeling Good» (from the album «Origin Of Symmetry» 2001). Muse teach how you’re supposed to feel every day, every minute, every second of your life. Only good without any excuses! Enough said. «It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me – and I’m feeling good».

5. Young Guns «There’ll Be Rain» (from the album «All Our Kings Are Dead» 2010). Even after the toughest times a good period will come. So stop frowning, smile and remember that «as long as there’ll be rain, there’ll be clear skies after».


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