The Blackout “The Storm” video

The latest album by  The Blackout “Hope” has without any exaggeration become the best record of the band so far. It has the real  character of these musicians and their unique individuality. “Hope”  is full of deep tracks which are easy and interesting to listen to.

The recently released video for  «The Storm» is simple but very spectacular and we all know that simplicity is the sign of aristocracy. The water surrounding the musicians and dripping from the ceiling and diamond splashes provide a fresh breath from screens and the lights behind the backs of  The Blackout remind of the setting sun mirrored in the water at times. And simultaneously there develops a love drama which is as old as the hills…

Despite the fact that water-theme in shooting videos is not new, The Blackout presented it in a new and interesting way.  “The Storm” is full of fantastic angles, emotional scenes, movements of the camera catching curious moments, the atmosphere of the video and the development of the plot.  The splashes fly from the drums, drop from the musicians’ hair and in the end move backwards even stopping in the middle at some point which sums it all up in the following: the video for “The Storm” is not only spectacular, but simply beautiful…

Watch the video The Blackout »The Storm»


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