Independent outlook /// The Horrors “Skying”

«Skying» is the third record by The Horrors which was released via XL Recordings in July. On this record the band decided to go completely DIY and fully produced and prepared «Skying» in their own studio in London.

On the first listening the album doesn’t reveal its all hidden secrets and its real essence: at least two or even three listenings will be needed to grasp the idea and to fully be dragged into the seemingly simple music. But «Skying» has much more to offer with an air of mysticism about it, deep vocals, varied intonations, outer-space-music and a touch of calmness and transparency of tones. It’s got a psychedelic touch and slightly euphoric nature to the sound which make the record sophisticatedly addictive. 

One of the fans compared The Horrors’ music with a space shuttle in the atmosphere. The band agreed with this definition claiming that this was the aim of their music: to make their listeners feel elevated  and ready to move only further. No doubt, The Horrors have achieved this atmosphere on «Skying» and it will grasp the listeners into its mysterious embrace.

The Horros have changed on «Skying» and everyone decides for themselves whether they like this change or not. The truth is that change is the natural process to any being and music beings are no exception and the absolutely different images of the band when they switched from stylish goth rockers to stylish indie rockers show the metamorphosis in them as well.

Track list

01 – Changing The Rain
02 – You Said
03 – I Can See Through You
04 – Endless Blue
05 – Dive In
06 – Still Life
07 – Wild Eyed
08 – Moving Further Away
09 – Monica Gems
10 – Oceans Burning



2 Responses to “Independent outlook /// The Horrors “Skying””
  1. umanbn says:

    I don’t know about the music, but the album cover is well nice…

    • rockmelody says:

      Thanks for reading! 🙂
      Well, as it seems to me the cover pretty much reflects the album essence, its atmosphere. And it’s really nice.
      My personal top songs from this album are “I Can See Through You”, “Endless Blue” and “Still Life” 🙂

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