Asking Alexandria: for those, who like it heavy…

Various extreme genres like metal-core, math-core, hardcore and many others are typical of British music scene and they develop and flourish rapidly. This type of scene is very healthy in Britain nowadays and many new bands emerge there. Today we’ll take a closer look at Asking Alexandria.

Asking Alexandria was founded in 2008 by Ben Bruce when he got back to living in England after spending many years in Dubai. The name Asking Alexandria came from the times when Ben had another band back in Dubai which didn’t exist for a long time though. But on forming a new band in England he wanted to keep the name due to simple reasons: he liked the name and it matched the band’s philosophy perfectly.

The genre of Asking Alexandria is often classified as metal-core or post-hardcore with a touch of electronics. They offered the British audience something new, which no one had offered them before and with the new approach and sound they gained an army of followers in no time. Growling, screaming, clear vocals, powerful melodies where drums either take the first place making themselves sound distinct and determined or hide behind the curtain of guitars and sound subtle: Asking Alexandria know how to make their hardcore varied, different, interesting to listen to and very authentic.

Learn more about the band at their Facebook

Official YouTube channel

Watch the video “To The Stage”


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