Band of the week /// EXIT TEN


Formation date: 2000

Genre: post-hardcore, progressive rock

Exit Ten appeared in 2000 and four years later in 2004 they got  first serious publicity and after appearing on a TV show in America and making a great buzz around UK with their amazing live shows, gained a spot at V Festival in UK. 2006 saw Exit Ten release their debut EP “This World They’ll Drown” and two years later in 2008 their debut album “Remember The Day” came out to meet wide critical acclaim. Now Exit Ten are preparing for the release of their new studio album “Give Me Infinity” which is out on September 26, 2011.

The music by Exit Ten is a mixture of alternative rock and progressive metal and this mixture is made to kill! Immense power, unrestrained energy and catchy melodies add up to the intense blend of heaviness, overwhelmingly stormy music and melody, lyricism and beauty. Trash metal speedy music with clear, strong vocals on top of it. On the first look these notions can’t mix together, but once you listen to Exit Ten you’ll realise that even this paradoxical cocktail is possible in the world of music. It’s no wonder why British magazines call Exit Ten one of the most promising UK bands and give them excellent ratings for their music and live shows. Exit Ten are not the band to be missed!

Official Facebook

Watch the video for “Warriors”

Watch the video for “Technically Alive”

4 Responses to “Band of the week /// EXIT TEN”
  1. Musicman says:

    Yes, a fine band. I like ‘Warriors’, and it may bring them greater acclaim.

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  1. […] Exit Ten are now preparing for the release of their new studio album “Give Me Infinity” (out October 10th) and have recently presented the video for the first single off  the album entitled “Curtain Call”. […]

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