Relaxing Sunday tunes

Sunday…  Everyone wants to relax and have some peaceful quality time…  Music can help you here a lot. Rock Britain offers five bands playing nice, calm music which can become a great soundtrack to your Sunday.

Kasabian. The unique indie-electronic sound of Kasabian has become their trademark. Light, catchy, surreally sophisticated… Many descriptions  can be found for their music but it’s special for everyone: each listener will find something of their own in this band and that’s what makes Kasabian truly magnificent.

Kasabian «Days Are Forgotten» 




Franz Ferdinand. Is Franz Ferdinand a rock or a pop band for you? The band’s frontman Alex Kapranos thinks they play pop music, but the drummer Paul Thomson  referes the band to rock. Okay, we assume that both of them are right in their own way, but the special trait of Franz Ferdinand is that their music is controversial. It can be direct or complicated, down-to-earth or pompous. It’s up to you to decide.

VideoFranz Ferdinand «Ulysses»



Arctic Monkeys. These musicians are a great example of how to make it big in modern music industry. They’re not signed to a major label, chose to promote their music via Internet with the help of their fans without relying on support of TV, radio and magazines, preferred an independent label and their own ways. And they have become one of the best British bands stirring such a great buzz around themselves some bands can’t even dream of…

Arctic Monkeys «Brainstorm» Live



Keane. To gain recognition and stand out of the grey mass it’s enough to follow your own path and do things the way you feel they should be done. Keane have chosen the piano, but not guitars, as the leading instrument in their music and it’s made them really special. Piano rock sounds interesting, unusually, solemnly enough and it allows the musicians to vary their sound which they willingly do and keep on surprising their fans with more and more new findings.

Video Keane «Everybody’s Changing»



Morning Parade. The band was formed in 2007 in Essex. They describe their sound the following way: «We play a mixture of dance music and rock. Our sound is real and euphoric at the same time». This is a great way to describe the dreamy, a bit outer-space sound of  Morning Parade which was really liked by BBC Radio 1 gaining them some heavy airplay.

VideoMorning Parade «Under The Stars»

4 Responses to “Relaxing Sunday tunes”
  1. Musicman says:

    Nice choice of five here. Sweet.

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    I love these choices, Keane are one of my favourite bands, this song and Somewhere Only We Know are definite favourites.

    Kasabian I hear a lot of and is by and far much better than a lot of the crap that fills radio nowadays, this song could also be on my driving list 🙂 This song is ace.

    Not a big fan of Franz Ferdinand, not because I dislike them but because I haven’t taken the time to listen to a lot of their stuff.

    Arctic Monkeys originated in Sheffield which is right next to Chesterfield where I live and the place I get drunk every weekend, I’ve seen them a few times and I am quite the fan of these.

    Morning Parade I’ve never heard of to be honest! I don’t know why, this song is awesome and I will definitely make sure I get some more of their stuff heard!

    Awesome list of five 🙂

    • rockmelody says:

      Thanks for your comment! These songs and these bands’ music really suit for some relaxation time 🙂
      Yeah, Morning Parade seem pretty unknown but I think it’ll change with the release of their debut record. They do sound really cool and fresh.

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