Band of the week /// ENTER SHIKARI


Formation date: 1999/2003

Genre: post-hardcore


The basis for the future band Enter Shikari was already made in 1999 when three members of the present line-up of  Enter Shikari formed a band called Hybryd. They recorded their EP and toured a lot. In 2003 they changed the name to Enter Shikari and completed their line-up.

THe first real success came to Enter Shikari only in 2006 when they released the single “Mothership” which became the single of the week in iTunes Store. In summer 2006 they performed at Download and in November became the second band in British rock who sold out  London Astoria without having a contract with a major label (The venue is one of the legendary places for British rock-musicians, now sadly closed. Capacity – 2000 people).  And then the band’s career was rising faster and faster. The played the biggest festivals in Europe and Britain, opened up for Prodigy and 30 Seconds To Mars.

Due to the non-trivial mixture of hardcore, electronic and trance Enter Shikari put themselves under the watchful eye of music fans and media. Their approach to writing music was a guarantee of success because from the very first days of the band the musicians decided to make music like no one had done before. And they’ve succeeded in it.


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