Getting to know /// Ivyrise

Intention is half of success and Ivyrise know it not by hearsay. When the band’s frontman Ben Falinski decided that 2011 was going to be the year of his band, he meant it. In those days he was playing in a band but had enough guts to disband it and start everything anew. Facing 2011  Ivyrise are preparing to release their debut album with the producer Jason Perry who worked with Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout and McFly. The band reached this success for some two years all by themselves. They recorded their music, promoted it and drew bigger and bigger audiences to their gigs. But the main thing was that they believed in themselves and just couldn’t pass by unnoticed. 

Having signed a contract with My Major Company which is very innovative for the industry because it’s supposed to get financial support from fans and people interested in music,  Ivyrise belong to neither a major, nor an independent label. And they have the whole freedom to create the music they want.

You can listen to Ivyrise and download the song «Without You», and also watch the video for “Yes To Running”  here.

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