Band of the week /// FIGHTSTAR


Formation date: 2003

Genre: alternative rock, post-hardcore


Fightstar were formed in 2003 and immediately captured the attention of British mass media. Nevertheless, the attention at first was a bit sceptical  because the band’s frontman Charlie Simpson used to play pop music before. But the debut album by Fightstar “Grand Unification” was received enthusiastically by the public and is still considered one of the best British debuts.

The genre of the music by Fightstar is often positioned as post-hardcore but it has many additional elements to it, for example acoustic or orchestra parts which don’t make their sound purely post-hardcore. Fightstar have always wanted to keep their own original sound and that was the reason why they refused to work with Island Records when they tried to persuade the band to write more mainstream songs.  Charlie Simpson claims that he’s always wanted to play heavy but delicate and beautiful music. This is a paradox, but a beautiful one and this is Fightstar’s music.

Video “Mercury Summer”

“Paint Your Target” Live 

“The English Way” Live Unplugged


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