Kids In Glass Houses cast a spell @ HMV in London

August 15 saw the release of the third record “In Gold Blood” by the Welsh band Kids In Glass Houses. On the same day the musicians presented the album at HMV in Oxford Street in London performing an acoustic session and signing CDs and posters afterwards.

At 5.30 pm HMV is still rather quiet, but the excitement can already be sensed in the air. The soundcheck is on and customers cast curious glances towards the small stage at the end of the big shop. The scene changes dramatically in just half an hour. As the time of the performance is crawling closer, the fans, who fill the aisles between the shelves full of CDs grow louder and more cheerful. When Kids In Glass Houses hit the stage of the shop, they’re greeted by the happy “Hi!” from the audience. Let the fun begin here! 

The set itself is a very intimate show where the audience is very close and devoted and the band are relaxed and crack jokes and talk to their fans right from the stage, making the atmosphere at HMV very family-like.

Despite a short performance, Kids In Glass Houses show their best qualities. They put all of themselves into the songs, making them sound powerful and emotional. Based on acoustic guitars and spiced up by keyboards, tambourine and a bit of drums, the sound is excitingly fresh and new. Even though it’s deprived of electronic nature, it’s still immense and gives a glimpse of the things to come. And it’s just a small, but a very distinctive  preview of the new Kids In Glass Houses and the new chapter in their history.


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