Independent Outlook /// My Passion “Inside This Machine” CD 2011

My Passion are one of the most interesting and talented young bands in Britain. Rock and electronic mixed together create a special  sound with a unique daring character and vivid individuality. Laurence Rene’s powerful voice appears either in its clear and calm image, or bursts out into the flashes of screaming. And that’s how we get an addictive music cocktail called My Passion.

The second album of the  rockers «Inside This Machine» came out in 2011 and became a new path of development for the band. On the one hand the musicians haven’t changed their sound dramatically: the songs still have a recognisable My Passion flavour in them  – explosive sound, emotions, uniqueness, but on the other hand it has many new traits which are the result of the band’s growing up and moving further.  

«Inside This Machine» is based on stormy rock-anthems carrying a blast of powerful melodies which are balanced by deeply emotional ballads with a mixture of calm and powerful parts. The record is very diverse and shows various sides of the musicians’ talents. Every song has its particular sound and character which reveals itself listening by listening.  There’s less screaming and more heaviness in the sound which has become a bit more reserved however without this influencing emotionality and power: the songs are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet with the massive wave called  “Inside This Machine”.

There’s no need to try and squeeze My Passion into some particular genre or style. They belong to the new wave of British rock stars and don’t follow certain paths, but create their own ways thus making their sound and style highly unique and special.

Track list

1: asleep in the asylum
2: seven birds
3: the mess we made of our lives
4: come back to me
5: the girl who lost her smile
6: in my fever
7: the guilty light
8: dance of life
9: lilly white lies
10: my confession
11: cage
12: shaking the dead
13: a secret never to be told


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