Lostprophets fans wanted!

Dear Lostprophets fans! I’m planning a blog on the warm-up shows and V Festival and for it I need YOU. If you’ve been at any of the shows mentioned, contact me via email olga.polomoshnova@hotmail.com. In the letter write your name, the date, the city and the venue of the gig you’ve been at and your impressions from the show (what you liked, what impressed you or made you laugh, maybe even an interesting/funny/…. story you have to share). It shouldn’t be long, but it must be creative, emotional and exciting to read.

After I collect all your writings, I’ll put them into one blog and post here under your names. The closing day for all the entries is September 9th.

Host the first ever guest post at Rock Britain!

2 Responses to “Lostprophets fans wanted!”
  1. TRACY HANSON says:

    Just submitted one for Oxford. Was going to do Cardiff but changed my mind and did one for Oxford. A bit more to add to the Oxford one with the meeting of the guys (and Ian before).

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