Video /// You Me At Six “Loverboy”

The first single “Loverboy” (out September 25th, 2011) from the third album “Sinners Never Sleep” by You Me At Six shows a big change in the band’s sound. It has a heavier touch to it and sees the band step up from pop-rock to pure rock sound. And the video for “Loverboy” backs this change properly.

Appearing as handcuffed prisoners being interrogated by police, You Me At Six show their “sinners-never-sleep” side by misbehaving and being agressive. Paralleled is their performance in the room with dark red walls where all the musicians are clad in black which, in combination with red background, produces quite an dark and impressive  picture.

There’s edge to everything in “Loverboy” – the video absolutely deprived of nice and innocent pop-rock features which makes it firm, confident and truly rock-n-roll.

Watch “Loverboy” here

2 Responses to “Video /// You Me At Six “Loverboy””
  1. Musicman says:

    Good song. I like the band.
    But I wish bands would just do straightforward videos of themselves playing. All these videos are so repetitive now, and detract from the music.

    • rockmelody says:

      I love the new direction they’re taking.
      Sometimes yeah. You have to think what they’ve implied. Exit Ten have done a great job of their new video. I’ll post it later today 🙂

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