First Listening /// Lostprophets “Bring ‘Em Down”

At their performances in August, Lostprophets presented the brand-new track “Bring ‘Em Down” off their yet untitled fifth album. And guess what? They’re back at their best!

“Bring ‘Em Down” will get the listeners to the times of “Thefakesoundofprogress” and “Start Something” with its massive classic-Lostprophets-electronic-rock sound. Catchy, stadium, anthemic chorus, powerful guitars, firm vocals – all these make a wonderful blend and present the early Lostprophets sound multiplied by their huge music experience gained for a decade in rock. The song definitely backs the earlier statement of the band and the producer of their new record Ken Andrews that the fifth album is going to be the best Lostprophets effort to date and something truly special.

Give a listen to “Bring ‘Em Down” performed live  here or here

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