Video /// Exit Ten “Curtain Call”

Exit Ten are now preparing for the release of their new studio album “Give Me Infinity” (out October 10th) and have recently presented the video for the first single off  the album entitled “Curtain Call”.

You don’t have to use loads of special effects and put tons of money to shoot a good video and Exit Ten know it. “Curtain Call” takes place on an underground and a very atmospheric site and just shows the band perform the song. But despite the simple plot, the video is rather captivating and has a mysterious flavour  in it due to the dim light of the site. The camera angles catch the musicians in their nonchalant air and lively movements making the whole video look dynamic and genuine.

The song itself is a true Exit Ten classic tune. Deep vocals and speedy melody, calmness and emotional outbursts, heaviness and  softness – the mixture which has gained Exit Ten raving reviews, rapidly growing fan base and their own truly unique style.

Watch the video for “Curtain Call”


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