Band of the week /// Funeral For A Friend


Formation date: 2001

Genre: post-hadcore/alternative/rock

Web site:

Formed in 2001, Funeral For a Friend underwent several line-up changes in early years which resulted in influencing their sound and helping to start shaping the band we all know now. Playing a mixture of alternative rock and post-hardcore, Funeral For a Friend built up a strong following by playing shows with the Juliana Theory, Boy Sets Fire, Finch and Lostprophets and by the time their first album “Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation”  arrived in 2003, there already were many eager listeners to grab it.  The success followed was depicted in positive reviews from press and audience alike, Best British Band award and gigs with Iron Maiden, Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture and Von Bondies. And they couldn’t be stopped.

Funeral For a Friend play meaningful music with creative melody and a good deal of heaviness to it and this sound, tied up with diverse vocals, has earned them the title of one of the best modern British bands and sold out shows around UK. Evolving and developing from record to record, Funeral For a Friend still  have been centring their sound around hardcore and its various sides. Definitely, these musicians know how to keep their individuality and how to capture their audience.

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