Top 5 /// Party Friday Night Tunes

 Lily Allen “Friday Night” Welcome to the girls’ night out. Girls do go to pubs and clubs and they do have quarrels in clubs. Sarcasm, satire, fearlessness and self-confidence go hand in hand with this easy,  relaxed but at the same time edgy tune. Enjoy and don’t get too drunk.


 The Blackout “Party Hard” The name of the song speaks for itself. If you’re going to party, you should do it really hard. Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy. We know you want to escape some boring routine and turn into a real party animal. Go for it! But again – don’t drink too much.

Bullet For My Valentine “Fever”Ooops, be careful with this extremely hot and naughty tune.  Boys’ night out, boys in action! Over the limit, no boundaries – just fun and a lot more on the offer. Oh, did we mention? It’s 18+, so get your IDs ready for this sort of party.



My Passion “The Fabulous Blood Disco” A party with a thriller element in it. Why not in the end? Many parties end up with gunshots and fights. Take care and make your party fabulous, but by no means blood. Okay, bloody fabulous is accepted too.


McFly “Party Girl” Big, shiny ball, glamorous girls, high heels and smart dresses! Dancing queen anyone? Make it your anthem then and go to conquer everyone on the dancefloor. Lighten up the party with this tune and your person, of course. We know you can!

2 Responses to “Top 5 /// Party Friday Night Tunes”
  1. Pete Howorth says:

    Good list, I like the Blackout, saw them at Leeds Fest this year too! McFly is definitely a guilty pleasure for me =/

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