Getting to know /// Cytota

Despite being a very young band, Cytota (formed in 2009), however, have a very strong individuality and high-quality sound. They’ve already supported Funeral For a Friend and Rise to Remain and definitely know their direction and what they want from their career in music.

Cytota combine melody and brutality in right proportions so that their songs sound intense, exciting and appealing. A great passion, the musicians put into their music, can easily be felt banging out of the loudspeakers and captivating the listener. With a bunch of really sophisticated guitar riffs, impressive drums and strong vocals, Cytota deliver catchy tunes with great vibes and energy that are made to be  enjoyed to the full.

Listen to Cytota here

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  1. […] Cytota are a young and ambitious band with their own unique individuality and attitude. Their high-quality music makes them stand out among many of their peers. In this special interview for Rock Britain, the drummer of Cytota Harry Jennings allows you to get closer to the band and learn more about them. […]

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