All-time favourites /// Oasis “Definitely Maybe”

There are some albums which remain popular and favourite among people many years after their release. And all this happens due to one simple fact: these albums have such a high quality and such a special atmosphere, that they take songs through the years without much effort. Oasis’s debut effort “Definitely Maybe” belongs to this list of such albums.

By now it’s entered numerous lists of best ever British albums and even after 17 years since the release date, its sound and topics are still relevant and loved by many people. Back in 1994 “Definitely Maybe” was a breath of fresh air among guitar driven pop music which was the beginning of the style which we now know as Brit pop. But it was Oasis who shaped the term and defined what Brit pop is. Their Brit pop was heavier and more rock than others’ and it appealed to many with its novelty and unhackneyed sound. 

But things weren’t always so bright for “Definitely Maybe”. The process of recording of the album was a very tough affair. It just wouldn’t turn out the way the band wanted it to and they had to change several crews, studios and spend a lot of money before “Definitely Maybe” finally sounded itself. But it was worth it and all the efforts payed off in the end. The first single “Columbia” was released via an independent label Creation Records and surprisingly got to be played by BBC Radio 1. But it got the ball rolling. The first proper official single was “Supersonic” and it was later followed by “Shakermaker”, “Live Forever”, “Cigarettes & Alcohol” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” (as US radio single).

The topics touched upon by Oasis refer to their working class roots and are full of down-to-earth air without dwelling too much on unnecessary philosophical and complicated topics. Back then the musicians sang about the things which they were familiar with and which surrounded them and this sincerity and directness also added up to the success of the record. The tandem of Gallagher brothers proved to be very successful with Noel’s witty lyrics and Liam’s leisurely vocals.”Definitely Maybe” has a strong attitude about it and, alongside with high quality, has a catchy air  which transforms it from just an album into this category of everlasting albums.


1 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
2 – Shakermaker
3 – Live Forever
4 – Up In The Sky
5 – Columbia
6 – Supersonic
7 – Bring It On Down
8 – Cigarettes And Alcohol
9 – Digsy’s Dinner
10 – Slide Away
11 – Married With Children


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