Independent outlook /// Kids In Glass Houses “In Gold Blood” (CD 2011)

Coming from rich in great bands Welsh scene, Kids In Glass Houses occupy a very distinct place in British music. On their latest record “In Gold Blood” the musicians have matured and taken their music to an absolutely new level for them.

It’s been a bit more than a year since the release of Kids In Glass Houses’s second album “Dirt” and here they go with a new record and what’s more – a concept record! The band’s frontman Aled Phillips had stated before the release of the album that its main concept was based on his own life experience which on the album appeared in the exaggerated model of modern society where everyone lived by their instincts and desires only. 

For Kids In Glass Houses this album has become a step up and quite a risk, of course, as there’s not only a change in the approach towards lyrics and a concept, but the record is also quite different sound-wise. Still balancing between pop and rock, the music’s acquired some indie air about it and has become more sophisticated and less direct. There’re different directions taken by the band that lead the songs through different shades of sound which vary from pop to dance and heavier rock sound. And all these changes make “In Gold Blood” quite a curious record to listen to.

Many tend to compare Kids In Glass Houses with their Welsh fellows Lostprophets and Funeral For a Friend, but these comparisons sound rather obscure as all the three bands play absolutely different music. With “In Gold Blood” Kids In Glass Houses have showed their growing-up as a band which reflected in every aspect of the album. It’s not the record which can change the world of music or offer something completely new in terms of sound, but it’s a very good and well-recorded album definitely worthy of the attention of all fans of British rock.


1 Gold Blood
2 Teenage Wonderland
3 Diamond Days
4 Not In This World
5 The Florist
6 Animals
7 Only The Brave Die Free
8 Annie May
9 Fire
10 Black Crush
11 A God To Many Devils


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