Theatre night out /// London /// The Phantom of the Opera

London’s West End is no doubt one of the most magnificent theatrical places in the world. It includes a cluster of theatres where dozens of shows run and the variety is so huge that one can be at a loss while deciding what to see.

Having only a limited amount of time in London, I decided to go for the longest-running and the most mysterious musical in the history of West End which is The Phantom of the Opera. The chances of getting the tickets for a matinee on the day of the performance were small but somehow I was lucky and got the seats in fifth row of the stalls.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s eternal classic has been running in Her Majesty’s since the day of the premiere on October 9, 1986. Since then there’ve been many changes in the cast but one thing remained permanent: the appealing haunting story which has never failed to charm the audience for 25 years. And there’s no wonder why.

In the first place such stories of tragic romance and mystery have always appealed to people. In a way it’s an escape from daily routines, problems and the gates to another world which is beyond everyday life. What’s more, the stage performance itself is such an outburst of emotions, tragedy, passion, love and sadness that it makes a spectator smile one moment and cry the other. The actors’ voices with their power and sincerity are surely to send goosebumps down one’s back and their acting drowns the audience into the atmosphere of the haunted theatre performed in the play that one unconsciously starts looking for the phantom hiding somewhere in Her Majesty’s Theatre.

The Phantom of the Opera is a great  thrill to watch live and this is the experience one will never forget. With its magic it was destined to become one of the greatest musicals of our time.

5 Responses to “Theatre night out /// London /// The Phantom of the Opera”
  1. The Phantom of the Opera has a special place in my heart 🙂 I’ve seen it once on the US tour and once in Las Vegas. If Providence is kind, I’ll be able to see it in New York and/or London before they end (God forbid, haha).

  2. Hi there. I have booked tickets for this show this Saturday at Her Majesty’s Theatre. The seats are in grand circle F26 and F27. Do you know if this would be a good view? I hear most action from the phantom takes place high up in some scenes. Yet I’m worried if we will get a poor view of the play!

    • rockmelody says:

      Hi. Well, to be honest I can’t really tell you if it’s a good view or not, but I believe it must be a good one. I had the seats in the stalls and it was a great view of the stage, but sometimes I failed to pay attention to the Phantom 🙂
      Anyway, have a great time! I bet you’ll enjoy the performance a lot!

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