Music reading /// Cynthia Lennon “John”

It’s absolutely certain that every music fan is familiar with the phenomenon of The Beatles. The story of this band has been told many times and there’re almost no secrets left. But much depends on the perspective from which the story is told.

John Lennon’s first wife Cynthia in her book “John” gives a story of their marriage, life and the rise of The Beatles. On the one hand, she doesn’t reveal anything new, but on the other hand there are those tiny details which only close ones know. The reader learns more about John’s character, both: good, as well as bad sides, how he coped with his inner demons and put all of himself into music. In the book John appears not only as a legendary musician but also as a common human with his own fears, struggles, victories, achievements and traits typical of us all, which brings his personality a bit closer to the reader. Cynthia gives a detailed outlook on the rise The Beatles from underground clubs to huge arenas, paying more attention to the very beginning and the first years of The Beatles, and she reflects all the feelings, joys and worries concerning this journey which was destined to become the legendary path of the great band. This insider look captivates and the makes the reader feel part of the team, bringing back the nostalgic sense of the times which can’t be returned.

John’s figure was very diverse:  he was a man with a difficult character and desire for peace, he always wanted to be perfect and demanded the same from people surrounding him.  But it was a great personality who tried to cope with all the aspects of being a musicians and, what’s more, a talented musician, who had a rich but tragic life.

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