Song of the day /// Hard-Fi “Fire in the House”

Hard-Fi have this image of city gentlemen with a dandy air about them. Their music is very easy, relaxed and pleasant and if you look for something with a touch of big city philosophy to listen to, then Hard-Fi are your perfect choice. Having a certain amount of sarcasm as well as romance about them, Hard-Fi’s songs are full of freedom, independence and nonchalance which proves to be a very appealing and charming mixture.

“Fire in the House” comes from the album “Killer Sounds” (2011) and has all the qualities of a classic Hard-Fi tune. Metaphorical lines  hint at vivid imagery of the song and picture both: troublesome as well as good times, suggesting that there’s a way to out out any fire. But above all “Fire in the House” is a very captivating song full of passion, freedom and sense of persuasion, which can easily get the listener hyper and make them dance to the music in no time.

Watch the official video for “Fire in the House”

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