Guest post /// Lostprophets’ fans on August shows

Lostprophets are officially back! After a very quiet year when the band were busy recording their fifth album and didn’t play any gigs they’re back on the stage! August 2011 was marked by several warm-up intimate shows in England and Wales and appearance at V and Sziget Festivals (England and Hungary respectively). Rock Britain asked the band’s fans to share their impressions from the shows and here’s what we received.

Oxford, 11 August 2011, 02 Academy

Words: Tracy Hanson

Well to start with, how about meeting and speaking to your favourite member of your favourite band?  The day doesn’t start better than that.  I had met Ian quite a few times last year and his amazing personality just gets better.  At the time there were only 20 or so in the queue but he stopped and spoke to us all.  “Oh hello, here comes trouble” was his greeting to me so he had obviously remembered me from Huddersfield where he DJed which was 8 months ago.  So call me impressed!!!  Well more than impressed when he came back (after I had spoken to him, had the first pic of the night) so I could have a hug!!!

So OK, on to the gig itself.  I have seen these guys several times now and they never fail to impress me, the music, the vocals, presence, banter they’ve got it all.  To start with a new song is a brave move, but its so catchy you find yourself singing along by the second chorus.

Classics such as Last Summer, Last Train Home and Shinobi are instantly recognizable and Rooftops and Where We Belong certainly hit the spot so desperately anticipated by all the crowd.  If we needed any more encouragement for being hyper – singing a song as requested by the crowd (Godzilla) was amazing and showed just how much the band had missed their fans.  To say this was the first concert they had done in nearly year they were fantastic.  I wasn’t overly sure who had paid to see who as they seemed to be enjoying it just as much as we did.  All ended far too early (not complaining) but wow we could have done with them playing all night.

OK, so they were actually on their way to Hungary after the gig, but it didn’t stop any of the band speaking to the fans outside the venue.  Highlight (or one of them) had to be Jamie showing loads of fans the green panther tshirt I had bought!!!  (He then wore the same design for Cardiff).  Even after Keith (tour-manager) had told Ian that they needed to go, he wasn’t in a hurry and wouldn’t go until every fan who had waited (from after the set to 1.15 am) had spoken and just generally had what they wanted from him.  Arrogant on stage – perhaps, but definitely not in person!

Norwich, 18 August 2011, Waterfront /  Chelmsford, 20 August 2011, V Festival

Words: Jess-Elise Williams

I went to the one of Lostprophets’ warm up shows in Norwich (Waterfront, 18th August) and managed to get about 5th in line arriving at about 11am. The day waiting was definitely interesting to say the least. Met a few familiar faces and new ones. Later in the day it had become clear that the Welsh boys had brought the Welsh weather with them and we were soaked. But the gig definitly made up for it. With being at the barrier, high five-ing Stu and touching his and Lee’ guitars when they threw them towards the crowd. The concert was amazing! And I’m really impressed that the stage was left intact what with all their jumping around :).

The day after I left for V festival only to pass their tour bus on the motorway 🙂

On the saturday of V Festival (Chelmsford) after Bruno Mars a beast of a crowd left, which left a huge empty space. But got me to the barrier again 🙂 At first it was uncertain if many would turn up to see the boys but within seconds an army of rockers arrived and s**t went down! They absolutely blew the stage to pieces! It rocked. Highlight of V was definitly having Ian reply to me shouting “I love you” with “I love you too… Call me” hehe. X

2 Responses to “Guest post /// Lostprophets’ fans on August shows”
  1. Musicman says:

    A very good band, but there are so many around it’s hard for many to maintain their time in the limelight. Most flicker briefly and then fade.

    • rockmelody says:

      Yeah, there are many bands nowadays. But what I like a lot about Lostprophets is that they’ve been around for almost a decade and still have something special about them.

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