Getting to know /// Elliot Minor

The York/London based five-piece band Elliot Minor offer an extremely catchy and pleasant pop-rock with a touch of indie and a classical hint. It’s more than just music on offer, but atmosphere, charm and attitude. Providing a massive visual support for their music, Elliot Minor connect with their audience on a deeper level making their music even more memorable.

Having toured with such bands as Anberlin, Simple Plan, McFly, Fall Out Boy,  Me Vs Hero or You Me At Six, Elliot Minor have a huge live experience and can make any concert a remarkable event which is not easy to forget. With two albums under their belts and music of a very high quality, Elliot Minor have all the talent in the world to rise higher and higher.

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One Response to “Getting to know /// Elliot Minor”
  1. Musicman says:

    They produce surprisingly ‘middle of the road’ music, very pleasant to listen to. I think they’ve been influenced by American bands judging from their sound. I like ‘Parallel Worlds’, a good tune and video,

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