Going solo /// Charlie Simpson

It’s become quite common among musicians to start side projects which provide an outlet for their other views on music which are different from their main bands’. And there’s no wonder such creative people have a lot of ideas.

The leadsinger of Fightstar Charlie Simpson has been writing different to Fightstar songs since 2009 but the proper timing has come only now when Fightstar needed some time off the scene to recharge the batteries. 2011 saw the release of the first solo album of Charlie Simpson “Young Pilgrim”.

“Young Pilgrim” is the work of a very mature and experienced musician who had courage to do something dramatically different from what his audience are used to. Charlie Simpson worked with the producer Danton Supple and this collaboration resulted in a light album with a touch of folk, melancholy and summer breeze which reflects the most important thing for Charlie in music: harmony. The sound is very balanced and relaxed and its classical flavour makes it a really pleasant and charming listening. Based on classical guitars “Young Pilgrim” sounds very authentic and natural.

“Young Pilgrim” shows a more classical side of Charlie Simpson and takes his audience on a brand-new music journey which is sunny, sincere and relaxing. Different to Fightstar as it may be, the record helps to get to know Charlie’s music influences and tastes better, which is always a good thing to do.


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