Top 5 /// Sad songs

As cold rainy weather is crawling nearer promising some melancholy and sadness, you want to wrap up in your own comfortable bubble and stay there for a while. If you feel like being melancholic, music, as always, will help you out.

1.The Verve “Bittersweet Symphony” Sad…  Cynically bitter… Calm… A touch of hopelessness makes the whole impression even darker. It’s a soundtrack of anyone’s sorrow, a symphony of broken hearts and it will get you staring out of the window with a glass of red wine in your hand and thinking about the  inevitable…

2. Coldplay “Fix You” Touches upon almost all the subjects which can cause pain in life, starting from personal problems and finishing with broken dreams. Very slow, penetrating right under the skin, the song runs smoothly giving the listener a chance to taste the bitterness of it.


3. Lostprophets “4 AM” Desperate, hopeless and depressed. This song will turn your soul inside out and tear your heart into pieces. With its apathetic mood, lyrics and vocals, it can hardly leave you indifferent. Cry, if you feel like.


4. Oasis “Sad Song”  The name says it all. Lies, hypocrisy, no changes and routine – all these can’t cause any good feelings. Oasis have gone softer on this tune and it shows that even bad boys feel sad.




5. Queen “My Melancholy Blues” The classics of sad rock songs. Don’t pretend you’re happy when you aren’t. Don’t expect others to smile, when they can’t. Sometimes when you’re sad, you need just to be left alone and think… It will go away sooner or later…

There are sad songs, there are sad times. Make sure these times don’t last long though.

3 Responses to “Top 5 /// Sad songs”
  1. Brilliant! I just posted a list of songs for breakups. Great minds think alike 🙂

  2. Musicman says:

    Fix you is excellent.

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