Band of the week /// Anathema


Formation date: 1990

Genre:  progressive rock


Since the formation in 1990 Anathema have undergone many changes which concerned not only the line-up of the band, but also the sound and the atmosphere of their songs. Starting off as a doom-death-metal band, Anathema established themselves as one of the best in their genre on underground scene of Liverpool. But as the line-up  of the band started to change, their sound moved eventually  from death-doom-metal  to progressive rock which is clearly reflected in their studio albums. The only thing remained unchanged: depressive and dark tone of their sound. With their melancholic attitude Anathema have a gothic flavour about them: beautiful melodies, slow passages,  sadness. Despite all the troubles they had to face (numerous line-up changes, loss of the label, years when they had no one to care about the release of their music) the band stayed true to themselves and went on playing music of high quality, remaining one of the best British bands of their genre.

Watch the video for “Dreaming Light”


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