Concert stories /// Enter Shikari (Moscow, 09/09/2011)

With their highly distinctive and prominent sound Enter Shikari have become one of the best British bands. Their music possesses some immense energy and power which the musicians take to the stage during their live shows. On September 9, 2011 Enter Shikari rocked Moscow.

The night opened up with the performance of the Russian band Fail Emotions which provided a great start for the rock party by setting the proper mood and atmosphere in the venue. The followed set of Enter Shikari heated up the club to the maximum making everyone in the crowd go absolutely mental. With their immense stage presence and mind-blowing energy, the band got the whole packed house bounce, dance and sway to the mixture of electronic, trance and rock which sound much more stormy live than on a cd. Presenting an avalanche of high-voltage rock tunes, Enter Shikari kept the pace high during the whole evening, calming down and letting the concert slow down only for a couple of songs.

The performance dragged the audience in like a drug making everything around become absolutely unimportant and go totally unnoticed. The only thing that mattered was the performance, the musicians and the feeling of ย being present in another parallel universe named Enter Shikari. The whole lot of several thousand people became united with each other and with the band singing along to the anthem-like songs, clapping and moving in unison: Enter Shikari made everyone present feel a part of Shikari-family making the gig a really friendly event.


  1. Destabilise
  2. Mothership
  3. Zzzonked
  4. Havoc A
  5. Hectic
  6. Return To Energiser
  7. No Sssweat
  8. Quelle Surprise
  9. Gap In The Fence
  10. No Sleep Tonight
  11. Sssnakepit
  12. Sorry, You’re Not A Winner
    ย Encore:
  13. The Jester
  14. Juggernauts

6 Responses to “Concert stories /// Enter Shikari (Moscow, 09/09/2011)”
  1. That sounds like a great gig. Outstanding write up.

  2. Anna says:

    I found my way here off the forum… ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Enter Shikari, and this is an excellent review!

  3. I love Enter Shikari. I wish i was there at the concert even more so because of how you wrote about the whole thing. it was really vivid. also found this via the forum XD

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