Top 5 Live/Backstage Videos

As the video pattern concert/backstage/fans/bands’ antics is becoming even more and more popular.  It seems that almost every band has such a video under their belts. But what makes them so popular? First of all, they’re relatively easy to make. Bands don’t have to create some fancy plot and link it to a sophisticated concept: they just do what they’re best at and this is performing and living their life. Secondly, such videos have the atmosphere of getting closer to the band and having a look behind the doors which are usually closed to fans (dressing rooms, airports, backstage, scenes as if viewers were on the stage). Thirdly, and more importantly, your favourite musicians show their natural and true character in these videos without playing some parts due to the script of a video. They’re in their usual surroundings and they’re just being themselves. Rock Britain looks at some of the recent live/backstage videos. Which one is your favourite?

Lostprophets “Where We Belong” 



Stereophonics “Could You Be the One” 




Bullet For My Valentine “Hearts Burst Into Fire”




My Passion “The Girl Who Lost Her Smile”



Attack! Attack! “My Shoes”

3 Responses to “Top 5 Live/Backstage Videos”
  1. Pete Howorth says:

    I absolutely love Stereophonics and don’t even get me started on Lostprophets! They were easily the best band at Leeds Festival 2010, love all of their music.

    Not much of a fan of Bullet For My Valentine, nothing wrong with them, just never really took the time to get into them, never heard of the other two before.

    Attack! Attack! are very good, My Passion… don’t like them so much.

    • Pete Howorth says:

      Agh hit reply too early! Was going to say awesome choice for the top two, the only reason Lostprophets aren’t one of my top 10 bands is because I’ve only recently become a big fan of theirs, they’re making their way to it though! Stereophonics, I’ve love them but I’ve never followed them, while I think the songs I’ve heard are awesome for some reason never become obsessed with them enough and that’s why they weren’t on the list 🙂

      • rockmelody says:

        Thanks! Love Lostprophets too! Simply great. Saw them live a couple of years ago and it was incredible! Probably best gig I’ve ever been to.
        Funny, I’ve also never really followed Stereophonics much, but I love their music.
        Bullets are fine. They are cool live!
        Got into Attack! Attack! and My Passion recently – they’re pretty new and I definitely love what they’re up to. Looks that most people like Attack! Attack!, but with My Passion it’s a bit different: there are always two opinions on them 😀

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