Band of the week /// The Vaccines


 Formation date: 2010

Genre: indie/alternative rock


Justin Young (vocals, guitar)

Arni Hjorvar (bass)

Freddie Cowan (guitar)

 Pete Robertson (drums)


Despite being a very young band, The Vaccines have already stirred a deal of a buzz on British music scene. With freshly sounding indie rock, they’ve won such fans as Alex Kapranos and White Lies (who were present at their sold out show in London in 2011).

Light, shiny indie sound with dance framing in some parts and deep vocals produce together an electric mix which takes the classically British music genre to a brand new level.

Watch the video “If You Wanna”

Watch the video “Post Break-Up Sex”

8 Responses to “Band of the week /// The Vaccines”
  1. Pete Howorth says:

    I saw these guys play at Leeds Festival in one of the secondary tents, they were alright but they weren’t great. Sort of sounded like a generic band I’ve heard so many other times from so many other people. I left their set half way through and headed over and watched the last part of the Offspring.

  2. Bryonie Carolan says:

    I saw The Vaccines supporting Arcade Fire in Hyde Park, they’re very good. I love their music, very upbeat and indie – great to dance to at festivals!

  3. Musicman says:

    A new band for me and I really enjoyed that second tune you linked to. It had a touch of REM about it, which cant be bad! Thanks for posting.

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