The history of one song /// Queen “We are the Champions”

“We are the Champions” was written by Freddie Mercury in an attempt to heal his soul after some misfortune and difficult period in life. He wanted to compose something which everyone could relate to, a song for everyone. And he succeeded in doing so.

The first reaction of music bosses to “We are the Champions” was laughter and they were very sceptical about releasing it as a single, but the fans fell in love with the song the moment they heard it. They obviously digged the stadium chorus which was made to sing it out loud. 

“We are the Champions” has become the favourite song of sport fans (mostly football fans)  all over the world in the moments of triumph of their teams, though originally Mercury didn’t write it sport-related. He confessed although that he was happy that sport fans liked it because “We are the Champions”  was the song of the winners.

The triumphant nature of the tune is destined to heal spiritual wounds and provide extra self-confidence. Its victorious spirit  just clicks with the listener and makes them believe in themselves. “We are the Champions” is the anthem of everyone having some goals in life and trying to achieve them; the inspiration to “keep on fighting till the end” and upon winning and achieving, it’s the song of celebration.

Queen “We are the Champions”

“We are the Champions” Live

4 Responses to “The history of one song /// Queen “We are the Champions””
  1. Musicman says:

    Yes, one of the great anthems. Fantastic to hear it sung by thousands of people. Not a great pop song but possibly the greatest ever anthem.

  2. Just saw a documentary recently where Brian May was saying that he brought “We Will Rock You” to the band at the same time Freddie brought “We Are the Champions,” both with the idea of creating a big arena anthem. What a stroke of collective brilliance to combine the two.

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