Song of the day /// Status Quo “In the Army Now”

The song “In the Army” was originally written by Rob and Ferdi Bolland in 1981 as part of their album dedicated fully to war topics, but it became a worldwide hit in 1986 when Status Quo recorded their own version of the song. It reached # 2 in UK charts.  Slade’s frontman Noddy Holder appeared on the song shouting out only one line: “stand up an fight!”

With its powerful, heroic and at the same time tragic spirit, it’s a real, down-to-earth song which main idea is not hidden in cloud castles. No false impressions and pink glasses – only reality. Touching upon a very important topic, this song is sure to live through many-many years.

Watch “In the Army Now” original 1986 video

Watch “In the Army Now” 2010 remastered version

Watch “In the Army Now” live 

2 Responses to “Song of the day /// Status Quo “In the Army Now””
  1. Musicman says:

    I remember this when it first came out. I never really liked the Quo but had a good friend back in school who loved them. He grew his hair really long and we all called him ‘Frank’ after the lead singer Frank Rossi. We still call him Frank some 40 years
    A good rocking band.

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