Song of the day /// Muse “Uprising”

The song “Uprising” comes from the fifth album by Muse “The Resistance” (2009). The song was written by Matthew Bellamy and it was the lead single from “The Resistance” released in September 2009. It spent many weeks at # 1 in the UK charts and was a great success in the USA. “Uprising” appeared as a soundtrack in the film “Knight and Day”; it can be heard in the game “Guitar Hero”.

“Uprising” has a highly victorious spirit and a strong willpower. It’s made to chant and send vibes of confidence to the listener. Matthew’s voice sounds firm and uncontrollably strong and the same can be implied to the music.  The name of the song reflects its philosophy to the full: going up, breaking all the boundaries, achieving the  impossible and be the winner!

2 Responses to “Song of the day /// Muse “Uprising””
  1. Musicman says:

    Yep, great song by a great band. A good video too, I liked the use of toy figures.

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