Independent outlook /// Rise To Remain “City Of Vultures”

Rise To Remain appeared in 2006 and it didn’t take them long to become noticed on the music scene of the UK. After releasing several EPs and constantly touring the band recorded their debut CD “City Of Vultures” which came out in September 2011.

The album makes a very good and very convincing debut with its mixture of brutality and melody. It steps aside from the extremes of pure metalcore opening Rise To Remain’s music to a lot wider audience. “City Of Vultures” has a special unrestrained craziness of youth in it mixed with the feeling of confidence of the musicians who know what they’re doing. There are no limits and no boundaries: only pure freedom and power. Speedy tracks sound uprising and aiming to the skies, while  slower ballads are full of intense emotions. “City Of Vultures” makes a statement with its sound and character and shows what Rise To Remain are capable of – and the truth is that they’re capable of a lot.

Being a very young band Rise To Remain still have a long way ahead of them. And with such an interesting and strong debut, this way promises to be very successful.


1. Intro
2. The Serpent
3. This Day Is Mine
4. City Of Vultures
5. Talking In Whispers
6. God Can Bleed
7. Power Through Fear
8. Nothing Left
9. We Will Last Forever
10. Illusions
11. Roads
12. Bridges Will Burn


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