Getting to know /// Atlas&I

The Norwich-based act Atlas&i formed in 2009 with an intention to make music different from stereotyped cliches. October 2010 saw them release a mini-album which received raving reviews from the press and which made their positions on the music scene even firmer after previously touring with the likes of Deaf Havana.

Having raw and unrestrained energy about their music, it’s also an unconventional blend of genres which together produce something unique with a distinct Atlas&i mark. Intensively strong and emotional vocals are the final icing on the cake which makes the whole sound spicy and memorable. Atlas&i know how to get the listener interested in their music and how to keep them wanting for more.

6 Responses to “Getting to know /// Atlas&I”
  1. Well said! Tyey’re great to watch live too..very energetic and great rapport with the audience. Thanks for featuring them..they will be well pleased to see it!

  2. Musicman says:

    The first song is good, but feel like I’ve heard it many times before. It’s very hard to develop a unique sound these days. Enjoyed the video.

  3. Thanks for profiling Atlas&i – it’s great to hear of some talent doing well around here. (:

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