Band of the week /// Starsailor


Formation date: 2000 (the band is currently on hiatus)

Genre: alternative/indie


Starsailor appeared in 2001, but at the beginning the band existed under the name of Waterface. After some time the musicians changed the name for Starsailor (after the name of Tim Buckley’s record) and set off on their magnificent music journey.

First success came to Starsailor right after their second performance when a journalist saw them live and was so impressed by their performance, that his review drew a lot of attention to the young band and within a year they were big stars.

Drawing their influences from 60-70-s, Starsailor adapt them to the modern world without losing the atmosphere of those times, but making it adaptable for present-day generations. The most important trait which makes Starsailor stand out is that they combine witty lyrics and high-quality sound. With melodically appealing tunes and beautiful vocals of James Walsh laid on top of them, Starsailor’s music is full of transparency and charm touched by a flavour of sadness. Though having a touch of melancholy, Starsailor’s sadness doesn’t sound oppressive, but on the contrary – feels light and sincere. All these put together make the character of Starsailor very special.

“Four To The Floor” (Version 1)

“Four To The Floor” (Version 2)

“Tell Me It’s Not Over”


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