Album of the day /// McFly “Radio:ACTIVE”

McFly’s fourth album “Radio:ACTIVE” was released in 2008. There have come out various versions of the album, including deluxe edition and various re-editions which included several different bonus tracks. It was the first album to be released via McFly’s own label Super Records. The record was produced by Jason Perry and McFly’s vocalist and guitarist Danny Jones.

The main theme of “Radio:ACTIVE” revolves around the topic of relationship between people – both successful and unsuccessful and simple live philosophies. Ruined romance, lost chances, strong love, pure happiness because of how wonderful you are, sarcasm towards non-believers – the listener will find all these messages at “Radio:ACTIVE”.

Despite mixing positive and negative feelings, the whole album sounds very lively and light. Upbeat melodies make this album very pleasant to listen to and quite appealing in terms of its atmosphere. The duo of Danny Jones and Tom Fletcher’s clear and pure voices adds up to the light-hearted spirit of the record. The choruses are easy to sing along to, thus being catchy and easily remembered and making the songs stick in the memory. This is obviously the album which can pump the listener up.


4 Responses to “Album of the day /// McFly “Radio:ACTIVE””
  1. thereviewer says:

    What inspired you to dig this dusty album out of the archives to review today? Really pushing the limits of ‘rock’ I think!

    • rockmelody says:

      Well, I’ve been getting back to this album from time to time and despite it not being pure rock, I like it a lot. It’s some kind of light listening which I really need sometimes 🙂 So, yesterday was one of those days and I decided to write about it.

  2. Musicman says:

    LOL, one of McFly is now taking part in a TV dancing show in the UK, dancing with a professional dancer. How the mighty are fallen…

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