Face to face with /// The Dead Famous

The Dead Famous are the band formed in London in 2010.With their catchy and witty sound they have already built a massive fan base and become known all over the UK. Rock Britain took the chance to talk to The Dead Famous drummer Dan Hetherton. 

– How did The Dead Famous start as a band?

– Myself and James have been touring in our respective bands for a number of years now… along the way bumping into each other at festivals, shows as well as doing a modelling shoot together for Criminal Damage! …during talks we decided to set up a new band together, a fresh start, to see what we could come up with! It’s entirely in our hands…. full control. We took on our friends Freddie and Luke who are wicked musicians! We can’t wait to get gigging…

– How would you describe the main concept of your band and your sound?

– Just good old rock! I guess i would describe it as… 30 Seconds to Bruno mars? We love music… all of us… we have no bias towards studio or live, being able to do both for the rest of our careers would be great!

– Where do you draw inspiration for your songs?

– Just in the styles we already play in and the music we love! We’re all into different music such as 30 seconds to mars, Oasis, The Used, John Mayer etc etc… we don’t specifically set out to draw any specific inspiration from any specific artists!

– How did you interest in music start and when was it?

– Personally from a very young age… my dad was into music and set me up really! I’ve played a bunch of instruments since i was about 4. Drums being my last.

– What are your major music influences?

– Dave Matthews Band! John Mayer!

– What do you like and what do you hate about recording in the studio?

– I love….. the process… every day hearing another instrument and another layer on a song… it’s a great experience! Especially being in a residential studio, being away from everything just with your band mates, engineer and producer, making music.

 – What’s your approach towards live shows?

– Best thing ever!! It’s great, we can’t wait to tour… it’s going to be loud, energetic, dance, rock, pop… everything.

– What are your main ambitions concerning The Dead Famous?

– I guess to get as far as we can with the band! It’s every musicians dream to have a career in music with support from your fans.

– What’s the best thing about being in The Dead Famous?


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5 Responses to “Face to face with /// The Dead Famous”
  1. Musicman says:

    Very interesting! Like their music alot.

  2. Paige says:

    We LOVE The Dead Famous! Their song “Superstar” is fab and we have it in our music player on our site. Most of us follow them on Twitter and Facebook xoxo

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