Top 5 /// Scotland

The Fratellis Despite being on indefinite hiatus which is more probably a split-up of the band, The Fratellis have left their mark on the British scene with their bouncy music and lively nonchalant tunes. Both – their music and  art work – have a vintage touch to them which creates some carefree attitude and positive atmosphere.

“Look Out Sunshine”

“Mistress Mabel”

Biffy Clyro Powerful in their sound and energy, Biffy Clyro sweep the listeners off their feet with the intensity of the sound and stormy emotions. Mixing a lot of various influences in their music, Biffy Clyro show how indie, post-rock and heavy rock can exist and successfully live together in one band’s works and they do it with a great deal of skill.


“Many Of Horror (When We Collide)”

Logan Hard rock in its classical and original form presented by Logan is built upon impressively strong and rough vocals, weighty melodies and high quality of presentation. This band not only wants to play hard rock, but they also know how to do it in a very good way. The approach and the quality of music allowed Logan to sell over 30.000 copies of their album without signing to a record label and this fact tells a lot.

“When I Get Down”

“Lost & Found”

Twin Atlantic Young Scottish stars Twin Atlantic play a mixture of alternative and progressive rock with a flavour of indie and power pop. The band’s frontman Sam McTrusty once said that it was difficult to achieve something big in the UK for a Scottish band, but at the same time he added that he believed in his band and knew they could be very successful. His self-confidence became the basis for the band’s success after the release of their debut album which proves that a good intention is half of the way.


“Human After All”

Travis Calm and soft music by Travis has a tender touch to it. They prefer not to rush, but slowly charm the listener with their tunes. A classical mixture indie/alternative is presented by Travis at its measured pace, which is very appealing and soothing. The impression is also achieved with the soft vocals and mild intonations which add up to the pleasant atmosphere of Travis’s works.



6 Responses to “Top 5 /// Scotland”
  1. Musicman says:

    The Fratellis are very good. Some wonderful bands have come out of Scotland. Simple Minds probably the best.
    (and the Bay City Rollers the worst…don’t google them, please…)

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    Logan I’ve never heard of, love the rest though, especially Biffy Clyro, I saw him live at Leeds a couple of years ago, absolute legend. Nice list, I’ll check out Logan when I get home!

  3. thereviewer says:

    I like your top 2 choices, Chelsea Dagger will forever define the former. Hows about The View and Franz Ferdinand? That’s just my indie streak coming through…

    • rockmelody says:

      I wanted to put Franz Ferdinand on the list. Maybe in the next Top 5 from Scotland as it’s usually a real struggle to choose only five bands out of many 🙂 And I’ll take The View into consideration 😉

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