Band of the week /// The Zutons


Formation date: 2001

Genre: indie


Dave McCabe
Russell Pritchard
Sean Payne
Abi Harding


Formed in 2001, it took The Zutons three years to release their debut album “Who Killed…. The Zutons?”. Nevertheless, the wait was worth the result because three years were enough for the band to understand what exactly they wanted from their sound. From the very beginning they became quite prominent on Liverpool indie music scene, however being difficult to categorize into a particular genre with their non-conventional sound.


  • In 2005 after the release of “Who Killed….. The Zutons?” the band received BRIT Awards for the British Breakthrough Act
  • The second album  “Tired Of Hanging Around” reached # 2 in the UK charts
  • 2007 saw the band part ways with the guitarist Boyan Chowdhury which was a mutual, but at the same time very hard decision for both sides
  • The saxophonist Abi first joined the band on stage out of fun and pure experiment but the audience liked her and how the music started to sound with the saxophone and the other musicians of The Zutons decided that Abi should be a permanent member of the band

The Zutons are clearly an indie band but what makes them stand out among other bands of the similar genre is the sound of the saxophone which adds a bit of a jazzy element to the band’s music. Also its cheerfulness and creative, relaxed element make The Zutons’ music a very pleasant and positive listening experience.

2 Responses to “Band of the week /// The Zutons”
  1. thereviewer says:

    Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love is my favourite followed promptly after by It’s The Little Things We Do – both off Tired of Hanging Around. What a brilliant album! Collaborators with James Skelly of The Coral, they have their own sound, Abi’s sax is pure sex 😛 Third album came a little bit too fast for me to keep up. Shame on those who think that Valerie is an Amy Winehouse (RIP) original!

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