Band of the week /// The Automatic


Formation date: 1998

Genre: indie rock


The Automatic were formed in 1998, but universal acknowledgment came to them after years of work in 2006 when their debut record “Not Accepted Anywhere” was released. It was followed by “This Is A Fix” (2008) and “Tear The Signs Down” (2010).

Throw together some indie, a bit of punk, add dance and spice up with rock. That’s how you’ll get the magical recipe of catchy, addictive, lively tunes performed by ¬†The Automatic.¬†Shining and lighting up the atmosphere with their energy, The Automatic’s music has a special charisma about it which forms its highly distinctive character.

The Automatic “Monster”

3 Responses to “Band of the week /// The Automatic”
  1. Ack! Video blocked in the States due to copyright restrictions. I enjoyed the write up, though, and will keep an eye out for these guys.

  2. That worked! Thank you.

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