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The story of City Reign began in 2007 when Chris Bull (vocals, guitar) and Mike Grice (guitar) met at the gig in Manchester and decided to set up a band. During their first years as a band, City Reign worked with Dan Parry and this collaboration proved very fruitful for the band who developed their guitar-driven sound during that period of time. Later City Reign set up their own indie label and released the single “Making Plans” in 2010. It was followed by “Out In The Cold” and “Daybreak” later on and November 2011 will see City Reign release their EP “Numbers For Street Names”. This EP is going to sum up everything the band have done since their formation in 2007 and present the quintessence of their music where the sound and the lyrics speak for the band the best.

‘We’re extremely proud of these 5 songs, – says Chris Bull. – It’s a good mix of the punchier pop songs like the singles “Making Plans” and “Out In The Cold”, alongside bigger ‘anthemic’ songs like “The Line”.’

City Reign’s music is guitar-based rock – passionate, intense, charismatic and emotional. One moment it’s calm and the other it bursts out into the sparks of electrifying guitar riffs full of immense power. This is the music with the attitude and the atmosphere which make a statement so firm, that it can’t pass by unnoticed!

‘Making Plans’ video

Official Website


Nov 5th – CC Muziekcafe – Amsterdam

Nov 12th – The Bay – Glasgow

Nov 15th – West Street Live – Sheffield

Nov 19th – Bull & Gate  – Camden, London

Nov 26th – Gullivers – Manchester

Dec 3rd – The Live Lounge, Blackburn

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  1. […] talents originate from Manchester and the culture of high-quality music is very developed there. City Reign is one of the best new bands on Manchester scene and the true character and charisma of the city […]

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