Independent outlook /// Exit Ten “Give Me Infinity” (2011)

It’s been three years since the release of Exit Ten’s debut record “Remember The Day” (2008) and here we are in 2011 with the band’s sophomore album “Give Me Infinity” which was released on October 10.

Exit Ten have always been famous for their ability to mix heaviness and melody in such proportions that are ideal to produce enchanting sound with character and “Give Me Infinity” is no exception. Presenting a step forward from the debut release, “Give Me Infinity” shows the band who have matured  and changed their outlook and attitude. The blend of metal heaviness and melodical rock goes to extremes in the mix of slow, powerful and emotional ballads with monumental rock anthems based on heavy, weighty patterns. Soft violins and keyboards can be heard next to massive bass, explosive guitars and speedy drums. Together with Ryan Redman’s passionate, deep, strong vocals, this record is spectacular in its diverse nature and character.

“Give Me Infinity” presents new, matured Exit Ten – the band who are not afraid to experiment and try out new approaches, nevertheless staying true to themselves. Having two natures – soft & romantic and firm & heavy – rolled up into one record, Exit Ten show how skillful they are in the art of music. “Give Me Infinity” is not only a record to impress, but also an extremely thrilling musical experience!

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