Concert stories /// Hurts (Moscow – Arena Moscow Club – 18/10/2011)

Despite not being a rock band, Hurts are among my all-time favourites and because of that I’m breaking the disclaimer of my blog concerning rock music and writing a post about them again. But in the end, who needs the rules and stereotypes when we have to do with the music of high quality?

It’s not a pure coincidence that at the time Hurts are one of the most demanded and loved bands in the world. Performing charming, quiet, beautiful synth pop inspired by the 80-s, Hurts add a melancholic  touch to the modern music scene with their lyrical and sad songs. True Englishness presents in Hurts at its best and mirrors in their neat images of real gentlemen, high-society manners and aristocracy which together make Hurts seem to belong to some kind of an elite English club of high-bred gentlemen.

The concert in October was not the first experience of seeing Hurts for Moscow. The band’s first visit took place in April 2011 and back then they performed to the sold-out, enthusiastic GlavClub, enchanting the audience to the highest level. They’ve been waited for since that time and returned only to go on with winning the hearts of more and more fans. 

Having kicked off with the intense “Silver Lining”, Hurts went straight on to everyone’s favourite “Wonderful Life” and it all started the ball rolling. The calm beauty of  “Blood, Tears & Gold”,”Devotion”, “Evelyn”, “Affair”, “Mother Nature”, “Unspoken”, “Confide In Me”  was livened up by the animated “Happiness”, “Sunday” and reserved “Verona” together with the instrumental version of “The Water” which added some exquisite touch to the whole show. The effective end of the main part of the night was achieved by “Illuminated” when the audience lightened up with hundreds of shining mobile phone screens, resembling small diamonds on black velvet and emotional “Stay” with outbursts of sincere, deep feelings. On returning back to sing an encore, Hurts performed the haunting, dramatic “The Water” and closed the night with the lively and ecstatic “Better Than Love”.

Accompanied by a small orchestra consisting of harps, violins and cellos, Hurts showed their new side sounding even more powerful and electrifying than usual. Theo Hutchcraft’s deep, strong voice proved grasping and his bandmate Adam Anderson’s skillful keyboard performance – sharp and polished. They were seducing the audience with their charm, sophistication and talent, having delivered a very captivating and intense performance, full of sincere emotions, real feelings and enchanting atmosphere.

Hurts’ philosophy of simplicity is their special zest and this is the thing which makes them stand out in our age of complicated technologies, transformer stages and hi-tech special effects. And their main appeal is in this exquisite simplicity which shows Hurts truly as they are.

2 Responses to “Concert stories /// Hurts (Moscow – Arena Moscow Club – 18/10/2011)”
  1. Beauty, and you’re absolutely right — it’s about the music you love, not some specific convention. Oh, I’d love to see a show in Moscow someday. Maybe you and I need to put together a music writer cultural exchange program.

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